Thursday, July 07, 2005

The stupidest conspiracy theorists on the planet

Since the first hour I saw coverage of the terrorist bombings in London on 7/7/05, I've seen theories so bizarre as to be laughable, if they were not so reheated as to be boring. The dumbest one I've seen is one slyly suggesting Bush was responsible for the attack because it was conveniently timed, which made me type the following post:

Yeah, but a damned inconvenient place, especially when he has the bulk of "Old Europe" just across the Channel.

Another poster disagreed with me, to which I made the following response:

Explain to me this, considering the Brits are the one steadfast ally we have, why would Bush target them? If he targetted Paris and got away with it, it would embarrass Chirac -- and who knows, maybe the French would be more cooperative with the "War on Terror." The same with Berlin. The same with Madrid, with the added bonus of showing that caving into terror doesn't make you any safer.

No, of course not, he is supposedly Machiavellian enough to plan a terror attack, yet dumb enough to pick the one country backing him. I'm not suggesting that he won't try to take advantage of the attack -- he's a politician, they all do that often enough to be nauseating -- just that this particular conspiracy theory is uncreative (in that every disaster on the planet is attributed to Bush) and unbelievable.

Oh, and I lied when I agreed about it being a convenient time -- a convenient time would be a year from now, before midterm elections, or three years from now before the next Presidential election.

Finally, my personal theory is Bush is not clever enough to come up with a plan more detailed than a beer run, and any advisor evil enough to suggest a convoluted scheme like this is smart enough to come up with a better time and place to carry it out.


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