Monday, March 07, 2005

A rant about the legal system

I recently wrote the following rant in response to the following statement:


Not for nothing, but some of you farkers need to STFU. You have to understand that the 95% of us who are just plain lawyers absolutely freaking HATE that other 5% that make the rest of us look like shiat in the eyes of the uneducated public.

Is that like the 95% of Muslims who aren't terrorists?

/Some goats are trying to cross my bridge. BRB.

Okay, I'm being facetious, but if 5% of the doctors started spreading vials of contagious disease around in order to drum up business, I would hope the other 95% would do more than feel offended. Where are the groups of lawyers dedicated to simplifying the legal system so the average person can understand it? Which ones are trying to close the loopholes that unscrupulous lawyers use to extort money from others? I'm sure there are some -- though nowhere near 95% -- but apparently they have a pretty poor publicity department. You don't see physicists trying to complicate physical laws just for the hell of it -- they gain fame (not to mention Nobel Prizes) if they can explain things better.

Unlike some, I actually see a need for lawyers -- a day in court is better than a duel at sunrise. I just wished they were more concerned with clearly and concisely defining person's rights and responsibilities in society rather than trying to increase the complexity (and the number of billable hours) of the legal system.

As a thought, why not require law students to write a thesis taking a complex existing law and simplifying it so the average person can understand it? You could add points if it removes loopholes, and an automatic passing grade if the law is submitted to the legislature and approved.

/I'm well aware my rant will attract a bit of heat, but when it takes longer to read the shrinkwrap agreement on a program than it does to install it, something is wrong.


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