Saturday, March 25, 2006

Seeing illegal aliens protest proposed laws certainly an interesting experience. I'm not sure about other people, but when I see Mexican flags flying over American soil, waved by a group of illegals, resident aliens, and hyphenated Americans, my already low sympathy completely disappears. It's not that I don't think many Mexicans are hard workers -- many clearly are, and these would make better U.S. citizens than people who use welfare as a hammock rather than a safety net. The problem is that I do not like being told how I should think and vote by foreigners who do not have a say in my government.

My solution is thus: Annex Mexico. It'll be expensive and a logistical nightmare -- much like the reunification of Germany, except on an even larger scale -- but if we do essentially nothing like we have for the last century we'll keep having problems forever. This way, we'll at least have a handle on the problem in a generation, and in a century or so they won't be any more annoying than Texans or Californians are today. Annexation will be cheaper in the long run than being the population overflow for a corrupt government.


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