Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Mexico is a failed nation

Let's look at some numbers:

Country A lost 2.5 million citizens in 12 years.
Country B lost 8 million citizens in 20 years

Country A is East Germany, between 1949 and 1961. Country B is Mexico, between 1986 and 2006 (Mexicans make up roughly 70% of the12 million illegal aliens in the United States). This is despite the fact that both East and West Germany shared the same language and culture, while the U.S. and Mexico share neither -- people were willing to flee Mexico with only what they could carry into a strange land with an unfamiliar language simply because conditions back home were so terrible.

Further, a poll taken in Mexico found that 46 percent of the population, about 50 million Mexicans, would come to the United States if they had the means and opportunity. About half of that number said they'd be willing to move to and work in the United States illegally. When nearly half of your citizens express a desire to move, that would indicate the nation has failed.

The only solution I see is what West Germany did with East Germany: Annexation (we can't really use the politically-correct term "reunification" with Mexico). Without biting the bullet on this one, Mexico will remain in the hands of a corrupt elite, and continue to send their poor, disenfranchised, and uneducated population northward.


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