Thursday, August 17, 2006

Slashdot moderation applied to patents

I came up with the following after a tongue-in-cheek suggestion to use the Slashdot moderation system for patents:

Normal -- Average invention, will sit and gather dust somewhere
Offtopic -- Invention won't do what it claims
Flamebait -- Violates known laws of physics
Troll -- Attempt to steal another person's invention
Redundant -- Has been "invented" before. Multiple times.
Insightful -- What a cool invention! Also known as troll attractant.
Interesting -- Not sure what it's used for, but fun to watch
Informative -- Will be referred to in future inventions
Funny -- It blows up when someone uses it
Overrated -- Does something redundant, but with just one click!
Underrated -- No one knows what it does, but it will form a completely new industry


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